Sorry about the lack of updates on this page… I don’t really use tubmlr anymore. And as well as that I have a full time job which has slowed down my progress on the game (slowed down but not stopped). I’m currently focusing on designing the game thoroughly before trying to code it. Maybe once I reach some kind of way point I might make a proper web site for the project… though that would take time which I could spend on the game itself.

Just putting it out there for anyone who’s good at composing Mabinogi music… the new singing skill would be perfect for singing Katamari on the Rocks.

I decided to set up a twitch tv account to try out the ps4 streaming thing (Don’t expect anything too interesing…) Also I’m streaming no audio right now.

So I decided to stop being lazy and learn how to use a new programming tool which I intend to use while making Fall in Fantasy… almost 2 hours later I’m still downloading updates and stuff to actually use it…. I hate my internet…


Nicolas Cage as Disney Princesses [jenlewis]

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maybe next summer


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